Environmentally Friendly Computer Recycling

We are TEK Recycling. We help you recycle your old computer equipment fast, efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way.

Do you need help disposing of your old IT equipment?

Are you in need of help with removing your old IT hardware? Perhaps your old computers and laptops are starting to pile up and you don’t know what to do with them. Or perhaps these are taking up precious space in your office, causing frustration and distraction.

The decision isn’t as easy as you would think. You need to get rid of your old kit quickly and in a cost-effective way but need to be certain that sensitive data is destroyed and the machines are recycled in the most environmentally way.

Luckily, TEK are here to help.


We are here to make computer recycling a breeze

There is a better way that makes recycling a breeze. You can quickly remove your unwanted equipment, freeing up both the physical and mental space in a way that is good for both the environment and your pocket.

Here at TEK Recycling, we offer a complete end-to-end service. Simply give us a call or an email to book a slot, tell us what you need removing and we will remove your old computer equipment within days. We come directly to your premises and load the equipment for you so you don’t need to lift a finger. There is no charge for collection and we can accept almost all computer equipment.

As a fully WEEE registered business, we are fully compliant with all regulations and you can be confident that your equipment is being disposed of ethically and as environmentally friendly as possible. Where at all possible, equipment is reused and where this is not possible, recycled under WEEE regulations to prevent waste.

Regarding data security, we guarantee removal of any sensitive data stored on hard drives using specialist military-grade software. So you can rest assured that you sensitive data will not get into the wrong hands if you use TEK.


Ethical disposal - Easy as 1, 2, 3

Ethical disposal - Easy as 1, 2, 3

Our aim is to make recycling of your old equipment as fast and pain free as possible. Here is our simple and easy 3 step process to remove your old equipment, hassle-free.

1. bOOK

Arrange a collection quickly and simply via email, our online form or by phone.


We come to you and take away your unwanted equipment quickly and efficiently.


Enjoy the peace of mind your equipment is being recycled and you are helping the planet.

Isn't it time you disposed of your old IT equipment?